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Feb 24 2017

Lend No Money To Others

In general case, if you lend money to others, you cannot get back. The best way we do is not to lend money to other people.
But, we are human, we live among a group of people in the society. We cannot be isolated. When somebody asks to lend him money, we do not know how to reply, to say “yes” or “no”. Therefore, we need a preparation in our mind beforehand.
If our relative or good friends have something happening accidentally, they need money, we, then, must help. But, of course, we help only within the limit of our ability. Too much is not necessary.
To our ordinary friends, we must reject to help by tactful words. It is because that if we lend to any friends, ninety percent of the lenders will never return money.
We earn money by our labour and hardship. It is our right not to lend money to anyone. Besides, if old people who are poor need money, government will help through social workers assistance.
On the other hand, you must not borrow money from others. In such case, you have to save money by which you can use at the time of emergency. To save in the beginning may be difficult, but, slowly, if you persist to save, one day you can build a big amount. If you are a man of knowing how to invest, and plus your luck, you may have chance to be a very rich man. Who knows? But, you must start to save from one dollar which is the base of becoming a millionaire one day.