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Feb 25 2017

How to Live till 100

The key importance for old people to live long is to keep a peaceful mind all the time and live their regular life style every day.
Why turtle can live up to one hundred years and rat can only live two years. It is because turtle acts slow, but rat acts fast. Consequently, turtle heart beats slow and rat heart beats fast. In our life, human and animal are alike, people with fast heart beat would die young and vice versa.
For old people, routine life is absolutely necessary, eating and sleeping in regular hours, always keeping a peaceful mind, declining to join parties, etc.
But, the most important is never to travel. If old people go traveling, it will damage their health tremendously. Travel breaks their runtime. They cannot eat food what they used to eat. They cannot sleep so comfortable as same as at their home.
When they come back home from travel, they may become ill. They will make hard efforts to resume their routine which have been kept for so many years.
Therefore, old people, in order to live up to one hundred years, must remain at home, keeping their daily life unchanged. They need everything stable, no drastically change, listen to soft music, doing light exercise, eating food they like. They do not have to see friends. They like to be alone most of their time, enjoying loneliness as their happiness. As long as they keep a good peaceful life, and take care of routine persistently, there is a high chance to live one hundred years old.