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Feb 26 2017

Home Michelin

Nowadays many restaurants use Michelin award certificate to make propaganda of their good food quality.
It is true that those restaurant joined food competition to win a first prize. They employed a first-class chef, with best fresh food material and by luck; they won by producing a best dish.
But, when they produce this prize-dish to the customer in their restaurant, the taste is not good. It is because that due to competition, they use low grade material to sell at lower price.
Therefore some Non-Michelin certificate restaurants can produce a better quality food than those who have Michelin certificate.
Actually, our home-made food can have the same quality which is qualified to get a Michelin certificate. It is because that at home, we can buy a good quality of food material which can be cooked to any kind of food we like. With fresh food we surely can cook food up to a very high standard.
But, to cook a good dish, we need a good cooking experience, and, besides, we have to think and think to cook a best dish we desire.
However, if we wish to keep a good health, we must not go to restaurant so often. The restaurant food is with so many chemicals in the food to make it taste. But, at home, we use our food materials fresh and clean, away from chemicals. In such case, our good health is guaranteed.