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Feb 27 2017

Sickness Forbid This Year

If you can tell yourself Today that you will not be sick this year, it will be workable. Why? It is because you promise something to yourself and you want to fulfill it.
Why we will be sick. It is due to our careless in our life style, in eating habit, in neglecting exercise, all of which will make our body sick.
Our human body is weak basically, but if we take good care of our body, illness is not easy to get in. Of course, we have to take care of our own body all the time, up to whole life.
Many people drink and eat heavily and as a consequence, they get stomach problems. They will take stomach medicine by themselves, but if home medicine cannot cure, they go to see doctor. After few injections and rest, their stomach come back to be normal again. When their stomachs are well again, they also drink again. And again stomach troubles come back. This time the stomach is getting serious and it turns to gastric or even to be a cancer.
Undisciplined life is also to cause you to be ill. You may spend your time on night life too much, or you may play mahjong day and night. Such life will surely bring you many kinds of sickness, such as cancer, blood pressure, heart trouble, etc.
Therefore, if you want to have no illness this year, you must live a decent life, to have enough sleep, to eat balance food, to take adequate exercise. Life belongs to you and no one will care or help you. It is you who are the person to take care and forbid any illness to inflict upon your body this year.