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Feb 28 2017

Greed Leads to Disaster

There is big news in Hong Kong recently. Ex-governor of Hong Kong was sentenced to twenty months imprisonment for reasons of that during he was in term as a Governor, he acted improper behavior against his duty.
According to local newspaper, he used his power to get small advantage from some persons. The amounts were not big, but it is against law. He never dreamed that by taking small benefit, he will get prison life today.
If you do not want to be greedy, you must hold a principle of simplicity. That is to live a simple life. Only by simplicity of life, you will then be away from greedy. Those who are greedy live a life of luxurious and spend money carelessly. They have no budget but spend whatever money they have in their hand today. They do not think about tomorrow. They have to be greedy to support their life.
As long as you live a simple life, spending money under your budget, greedy has nothing to do with you. You will not buy a nice car by credit card. You use your credit card only when it is absolutely necessary. You are a person of low demand in life.
To conclude, if you are to be a person of not being greedy, you have to limit your expense less than your income. Based on such concept you shall live your whole life peacefully and comfortably and no trouble and disaster will fall upon you.