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Mar 1 2017

Do Not Be Medicine Slave

Some people bring many kinds of medicine in their pockets. It is because they have various illnesses, such as high blood pressure, stomach pain and ankle sour, etc. They need to eat medicines as regular as they eat meals.
Those people are the slaves of medicine. As most medicines contain certain percentage of poison ingredients which, even not fatal, still bring bad effect to our body.
Therefore, it is better not to use medicines to cure our illness. Instead, we eat more balanced food to prevent illness from happening. It means that in our daily life, we build up a strong defense in our body to resist any kind of illness which may inflict upon us at any time. With our determination, we can have a good health without eating any medicine.
Of course, if we want to reject taking any kind of medicine, we are to take care of our daily life very carefully. We have to have ample sleep, balanced diet, adequate exercise, and peaceful emotion. By those actions, medicines will be out of our reach.
Those who take medicine often are the middle aged and old people. Young men with their energetic and strong body are nothing to do with medicines. Middle aged men, if they live a proper life, also no need of medicine. Only old people whose health have declined day by day need to take medicines to keep their body healthy.
Nowadays when we are sick, we usually go to Western doctors whose medicines are more effective than Chinese medicines.