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Mar 2 2017

Serious Mistake

Serious mistake means that such mistakes cannot be pardoned. Recently, in American Oscar Award Ceremony, the announcer misread “La La Land” as a first prize which actually belonged to the film “Moonlight”. This mistake cannot be excused. How could it happen?
When the announcer announced that “La La Land” was the first prize. The director of the “La La Land” made a speech saying that it has been his dream for forty years to get a gold medal and now the dream came true. When he spoke up to this second, his microphone was suddenly snatched away by the announcer.
Then, the announcer said again that he made a mistake in his previous announcement. The Oscar Award medal should go to the film of “Moonlight” not “La La Land”. This drastic change made whole audience astonished and all the members of “La La Land” stood on the stage, motionless silently, knowing not what to do.
Why such things happened in this important occasion. It is because that the mistake was made by accountant who sent envelop to the announcer by mistake.
We, in our life, should not commit serious mistakes. For instance, if we join a party as a VIP guest, drinking much alcohol, but, after party, we drive home. It may be possible that we shall be caught by police. And immediately we will be a prisoner by law. We must be very careful not to offend the law under drunken driving.