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Mar 3 2017

200 Died In Suffocate

According to the records in medical bureau in England, there are over two hundred people who die because of suffocation in eating food every year. Frequent cases have happened from those who watched television while in eating, especially old people.
Other causes of suffocation are from eating too fast and too much. Once the food suffocated in throat, it is dangerous. You cannot breath and the chance to die is very high.
In one Japanese movie, an old man was suffocated by food. Hospital was far away. An instant wisdom from a member of his family, he used vacuum cleaner to attract the food out from throat.
We sometime will be hurt by fish bones which is not fatal in many cases. It is because our ingredients in stomach can soft the bone, and doctors in hospital have many ways to save us.
But, if our throat are suffocated by chicken bones. It is serous due to the fact that chicken bones cannot be softened by medicine. Many decades ago, there was a retired Chinese senior bank officer living in America. One day his throat was suffocated by a chicken bone. In spite of all efforts from hospital doctors he still died.
Such accidents are mostly happened to old people who must seriously remember not to see television while eating. You must be careful by yourself, even doctor cannot save your life if you are careless.