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Mar 4 2017

How do we use time

Time is the most fair, giving twenty four hour every day to everyone. You are entirely free to use your time in whatever you wish. Some people use his time to build glory career and some to spend his life in drinking and fooling around aimlessly.
We feel a great sympathy to the American, Mr. Steve Jobs who, known to all over the world, was the founder of Apple Inc. Computer, but he died at age of fifty six, a very young age. It is because he used his time too extremely on computer research. In order to research a new product, he could spend four days and four nights without sleep, thus deteriorating his health seriously. As a consequence, he paid his cost of death.
Many Japanese, who, in order to seize time, also suffer ill health. Decade ago, employees of big Japanese enterprise in Tokyo usually went to bar to drink after work at company expenses. It is because they could not go home earlier. Neighbor of their homes will think them as a low position employee who could go home early. They will drink late and go back home at mid night, but the next morning they have to go office in time. Thus, their health deteriorated due to short of sleep.
We have to catch time, not to waste on meaningless things, but the most importance is keep us in good health, otherwise any success will not be meaningful at all.
Therefore, we have to use our wisdom to use time. That is to do important things first, less important to be postponed or even drop it.