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Mar 5 2017

Die In Ignorance

In China today dying age of average people is around seventy to ninety. People who died at seventy, should be regarded young, eighty normal, ninety to be said at high age. This is today’s situation in China.
But, nowadays some people died before seventy which is not the age to die in average. Therefore, those people died in ignorance. If they have wisdom, they should not die so early.
The factor of early death is decided by our daily life. If we work too hard and short of sleep, it will cause us an early death. At young age, it is not problem, but when we reach a middle age, bad effects in our body will appear.
Another group of people whose life have been spent on fooling around, drinking, gambling, night life every day. They do not care about their own life until someday sickness attack them. But, it is too late.
Those people are two groups which cannot live up to seventy. Many died around fifty, mostly by sickness of cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure and so on. Surely, they want to live but they have no power to reject the invitation card of death devil.
In mainland China, due to high growth of industries and commerce, many people get rich quickly from their poor life. As their wealth come too suddenly, they spend money crazily, buying big house, purchasing cars, mostly own over five per household. Every day they drink alcohol in the restaurant, and fooling with girls in the night club. Finally their kidney were hurt and no doctor or medicine can cure them even they have too much money. Death is only their solution.