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Mar 6 2017

Himalaya Monkey

Himalaya Mountain is famous. Near Nepal, somewhere in the middle part of mountain lived a huge group of monkeys. Below this, there lived a village of few thousand villagers. Monkeys and human lived amicably together. Monkeys never came down to steal food from villages and villagers never went up mountain to cut trees. Such kinds of life lasted many many decades.
One day there came an old man whose looking was quite gentle and looked educated. This old man, seeing the village very quiet and beautiful, intended to stay for a period. The villagers accepted his intention and rented a house to him. He then dwelled in the village and taught children knowledge to get some allowance for his living.
One day he told villagers that he could teach them knowledge of turning from stone to gold by murmuring some special words free of change. The villagers were of course, crazily delighted. But, he must not think of monkeys in the Himalaya.
All of them tried, but all failed. It is due to the fact that they cannot get rid of their thought about monkey.
But, the old man could turn from stone to gold easily. The villagers did not know that the old man is a magician by profession. Later, the old man left, leaving a forever unrealized hope to the villagers.
From here we can see that human, due to greedy will blind his eyes and judgement, thinking that there is the possibility of turning stone into gold.
Therefore, there are many crooks today to cheat those people who are greedy and ignorantly.