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Mar 7 2017

Follow The Sun

If we can have the thought of following the sun to live, we shall be surely healthy and happy, making our life of eighty to ninety peacefully and comfortably. Sun is forever and ever-lasting, which is fair to everybody, just like time. It shines forever. When the human come to the world, it will protect you unconditionally.
In the nature world, sun is the master and others such as moon, rain, star, wind, cloud which are also the important elements to form the world, but the sun is the guidance.
If we follow the sun to live our life, we shall never be wrong. When sun is up, we start to work, to read, to do anything which is useful. Even bad people shall not do bad things under sun shine. Sun gives us positive and hope and to do bad things shall be against our conscience and soul if we are positive.
Besides, it we live our life under sunshine our health shall be strong and healthy. We will not have night life. By long habit of no night life, we are strong and health, and in the world, whether it is past or present, only strongest can be master in the field of all walks of life. With no health, we are no body in this world.
Therefore, we do not have to say big word or make big plan, we just follow the sun to sleep early and rise early, learning the regularity of the sun. To learn from sun it is not difficult, but it gives us enormous power to fight our life. In everything we shall not give up, but going forward, to reach our goal once we set up in our beginning.