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Mar 8 2017

How To Eat

We all know to eat is so easy. As long as we open our mouth, and put in food, the work is finished. But, we can see that somebody can have healthy face, and good looking, and some with thin body and weak bones, looking sickly in appearance even they eat the same good food. Why? It is because their way of eating is different.
The difference of eating makes their health different. For instance, some people go to restaurant to eat hot food. They eat very hot food and at the same time, they drink icy liquid. It is smooth to swallow, but when the hot food and cold liquid reach down to stomach, a big damage to stomach thus happened. If you only eat one or two times, it would be no problem. But if you eat frequently with hot and cold together, one day you will get serious trouble and even stomach cancer.
In China there is slang: “If hot rice eaten with cold water, doctor cannot cure even he is your father.” This tells us very clearly that when we shall drink cold water, never eat hot rice together. Or else the heat in rice will hurt your stomach so seriously that it can never be cured.
Then how to eat: It is better in the morning to drink a cup of water to clean your stomach first. Second eat your breakfast at any style you wish, but do not eat too much. Lunch is important for your afternoon work at a fixed quantity. Finally is the dinner which is regarded as main meal by all over the world, but never forget to eat only seventy percent full before bed time.