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Mar 9 2017

Where Dream comes From

Up to this moment no specific scientific authority has rendered a report to the public about how the dream is formed. What we know today is only from private opinion of individual people. Dream is dream, nothing to do with the reality.
But, in ancient times, Kings paid much attention to the dream. A special minister was set to explain the dream. In Bible, there was a king who had a dream in the night. He immediately called the minster of dream to come, but when he arrived, the King forgot the dream. Ironically, the king ordered the minister to chase back the dream for him.
In the reality of life, we do not know where the dream comes from. Actually we forget when we awake. Dreams which we can remember forever are very few in our life.
Whether dreams are good to us or not good, we do not know. But, in our common sense, dream can be good to us. If we have dream, it is a proof that we are in sleep? If we are in shallow sleep, we cannot have dream.
Some dreams we have in the night are like a drama, with a good story. We will be involved in it with happiness or sadness. This strongly proves that we are in deep sleep. Some people may have only shallow dreams. It shows that he is not sleeping well which is not good to his health in a long run.
Even we do not know why we have dream, but when the dream does come, we must enjoy the dream in whichever way the dream can give us.