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Mar 10 2017

Human, Cruel To Fish

Fish is a kind of food to human and therefore, no mercy is needed. But, human act some behaviors which is very cruel in nature.
From the television documentary, we see that when fishermen catch sharks from the sea, they will pull it up to their ship. Immediately, they will cut off sharks’ tail, its back’s soft fins and fins on other parts of the body. After cutting, the fish men throw the crippled fishes to the sea. Every day, thousands and thousands of sharks die in such a way.
In Japan, there are some sea food restaurants, supplying only fishes alive. They put swimming fishes on the big glass boxes and when the customers selected one particular fish, they killed the fish immediately and served it to the client. But, they do not cut off the nerve of the fish head. The fish will be served in whole in one wooden shelter. When you eat the fish body, its eyes in the head are still watching you, a desperate goodbye to you, a cruel human.
In China at Jiangsu providence, same styles of restaurant are many. They serve by frying the body and leaving eyes are still moving. A whole fish is in front of you, but when you eat the fish meat, you are still exchange eye sight with the fish. Still many people go to such restaurant to enjoy such style.
From here, we can see that most human are cruel. But, we should not be cruel, instead, we should be kind. A kind heart of ours will bring us a peaceful mind which will bring us good health, good health to long life.