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Mar 11 2017

Learn Philosophy From Zeng Guofan

Zeng was the important person in the later stage of Ching’s Dynasty. He organized a new army from his own native place and with this army he defeated rebellion armies which threatened the existence of Ching’s Dynasty. He was very successful in military career and in political field. He was also a scholar in Chinese tentative as well as in home education.
What is his philosophy? In behavior to himself, he strongly adopted that he will immediately improve his mistakes if he did something wrong. As far as his thinking is concerned, he is extreme. He can only accept “White” or “Black”. He has no between.
At that time rebellion army attacked Ching Dynasty and almost occupied two third of Ching’s territory. Zeng was promoted to train a new army to fight rebellion army and his mission was successful. He defeated whole rebellion army in a few years and he was promoted to a very high position at that time.
Zeng’s philosophy was that when he made a mistake, he would remedy immediately, not one minute delay. Beside, his very strong belief is on philosophy of extremity. He used this even in military career. He did not show any mercy to his rebellion army. In his opinion, you can only be a good person or a bad one, no between.
Such philosophy also applies to our life, we are either to be good or bad. Of course, we will surely select to be on good side. In work or study, we can only be diligent or lazy. We should go to extreme on good side, no excuse. Therefore, take a strong attitude to ourself, be a good person only.