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Mar 12 2017

Soup: Making No Muscle

We all like to drink soup which is delicious and easy to drink. But, soup can only bring us nutrition to live on, it cannot make muscle to keep our body strong.
If you are an old man, to drink soup more in your daily life is acceptable. If you are a middle aged person, it may not be good to drink soup, ignoring other material food, failing which you will have no strength to deal with more labour work.
To drink soup is as same as we drink water which cannot stay in our stomach very long, not enough time for other organs of our body to absorb the necessary ingredients to build our muscle.
We should drink soup before our meal, to clean the stomach first in order to have more space for our food to digest. In this way, we can have good benefit in our health.
If you are a middle man and wish to have muscle, you must eat more food which will stay in your stomach longer to help you to build muscle.
Animals only eat meat and, of course, no soup. Consequently what they eat become muscle in every part at their body and muscles make them strong to survive in the wild.
Muscle is important to us. Without muscle we are easy to get sickness, and our whole body will be weak, unable to do work of heavy labour.
But, where comes the muscle which is from food. It is the only ingredients that make us strong and stubborn. Besides, we have to do exercise to turn the ingredient to become muscle to build our body resistance.