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Mar 13 2017

Is Getting Old Sad?

“Is old sad?” The answer is affirmative. It is sad. But this is the rule of nature which any one cannot break it. All living creatures in the world have to face this destiny.
Between human to human, we have the difference of poor and rich, noble and low, wise and foolish. Human is not equal, principally.
But, under the law of nature, every human is equal whether you are powerful or weak. When time comes, you will turn to ashes if you are old. Everything is gone with the wind.
Our golden age life is depending on health. Without health, there will be nothing real, everything like a cloud in sky, a moon in the river with vain glory.
If we are in the middle age, health can be under our control, but once we reach old age, health is no more in our hands, we can do nothing any more.
When we are old, we shall have no productive power. Instead, the people who have the productive power have to support us to live on.
If a country has too many old people, it is a big burden to society. But, there shall have no solution to have a settlement.
What the old people can do is to take care more seriously about their own health in order to reduce weight on the society care. On the other hand, old people can have a more happy life if they can take care of themselves in many ways.