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Mar 14 2017

My Son, The Best

Every parent wishes their son to be the best of all. It is natural to think that way as far as parent is concerned. But, in reality, many sons are against wishes of their parents. They are not the best.
In human society, we have to grow through competition no matter in what position we are. Once we are in competition, we find the opponents are so strong that it is so difficult to be the best.
In spite of the fact that, through hardships and endless struggle, you finally have reached the goal of success. But, it is not the end. It is the beginning. Many people will be jealous of your success and will do something hurtful to destroy your success and pull you down from top position to ground.
What shall we do? Shall we do nothing and stay ourselves at low position. If it is so, our life will be dull and meaningless.
Even danger is ahead of us, we shall go on to fight once we set our goal. But, we must not be too disappointed if we fail at the end. We may not be the winner. Should we fail to be a winner, our heart must be still positive, trying to find another way to suit our way of existence. We must know: “There is life, there is hope.” The world is so big, we may not build our success in one side, but we will be successful on other side. Never give up.”
If we cannot be a big tree, we had better be a tiny grass. Big tree may be blown down by typhoon, but tiny grass is soft enough against the force of typhoon. Grass will survive forever as long there is soil.