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Mar 16 2017

Definition Of Friend

In our life, we must have friends who, in some cases, will help us to solve problem which, we ourselves, is unable to deal with. On the other hands, friends also need our help. That is the definition of friendship.
But, we have to be careful to make friends. Human heart is very mysterious. Even as mighty as God, He is also unable to know human heart. Good friends can help us to be successful, but bad friends can destroy us as well.
How to make friends? We have to build up friendship slowly, too rush friendship not advisable, especially in the friendship of male and female.
Young man and young girls must take special precaution to make friendship. It is because they have an aim to marry, to live together forever. If they make haste decision in marriage, they will not be happy for the rest of their life.
Almost in most cases, when a man and a woman meet together, they are all in disguise to be perfect in every way. They pretend to be nice in behavior and in conversation.
Only by time going by, they will find out good points and bad points of each person. Time is needed to understand each other.
Indeed, to select friend is so important. Some bad friend may destroy us if we are not careful. It is better not to be too close with a new friend to whom we should have patience to understand through course of time. Rome is not built in one day and friendship between each other is the same.