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Mar 18 2017

Celery Cures High-Blood Pressure

Nowadays many people take medicine to prevent high-blood pressure illness. But, if we eat food, it can also have same effect to prevent high-blood pressure.
It is very simple. If we buy half pound of celery and boil it with water and drink it every day, we can very quickly keep our blood-pressure at a normal level. To take medicine might has side effect, but to drink celery soup gives no side-effect at all. You should buy a high blood scale to test your blood pressure every day.
One true fact proves the medical effect of celery. An old man, on certain Wednesday evening, tested his blood-pressure. To his big surprise, his blood pressure was 202 degree which is very dangerous and could lead to a stroke or a faint in the street. But, he did not see a doctor and instead he asked his maid to buy one pound of celery from the super market. Then he boiled it with water. He drank the celery soup and went to bed.
Next morning, he measured his blood pressure again. It was 177 degree which was lower than last evening, but was still high. His previous record was 150 degree. He again drank celery soup for the whole day. Then by the Friday morning, he checked again and also to his surprise, his blood pressure came down to 137. He could not understand how the blood pressure can fall down from 202 degrees to 137 just by drinking celery soup in 36 hours. But, this is a true fact and he experienced it himself.