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Mar 19 2017

Walk With Weight, Long Life

Last year one university in America discovered a new theory that by putting some weight on the patient of disability, the patient can start to walk. The method is simple. It is to put ten pounds of weight on the shoulder of a disabled patient and ask him to walk by the help of leaning against the wall. Every day the patient will practice thirty minutes and in the course of ten days, the patient can walk a short distance without any support.
It is because the weight helps the patient to grow muscle with which the patient is able to walk independently. It is not an important discovery in the medical field, but as this is a research by university, the news appeared in the newspaper, thus known to all over the world.
Muscle is very important to our body. If we have muscle, we will not be sick, and, of course, no death will be threatened. Young men will not be sick because they have muscle and middle aged men have less sick too due to also their muscle. Old men, who have no muscle are easy to get sickness and even to die.
It is not too late to remedy. If you are an old man, carry a bag of ten pounds and wherever you go, you must carry the bag of ten pounds together. By months of insistence, you will find your muscle increases. Consequently, you shall have less illness or even no illness.
But you must do it every day. It is only by your persistence, you will then have power to live on for another ten years or even more. Turtle has long life and to carry a bag on your back is to learn the way of a turtle.