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Mar 20 2017

Treasure Today

Nowadays whether you are young, middle aged or old, many people are not happy with what they have. They do not live happily today. This is not a good thinking. Actually, today is the best day of our life. If we miss today, we shall accomplish nothing in our life.
Yesterday was gone. Whether we had very high glory or we suffered very sad life, it became history. We cannot live in such memory, looking at sky with a sigh, feeling time gone so quickly, and mirroring our face with wrinkles. We cannot get happiness from past memories.
Tomorrow is more uncertain because we do not know what will happen to us tomorrow. Many years ago, a big earthquake happened in Sichuan China. While many unlucky people slept in the midnight at home, suddenly the ground of their room cracked and in a matter of seconds, they fell to the bottom thousands of feet below. They died instantly even they might have thought they were in dream.
Therefore, we cannot depend fully upon tomorrow, even sun will rise as usual, but to our human, our destiny is entirely in the hands of God.
We must appreciate today. One philosopher said: “We should work hard today, and plan for tomorrow, but we shall not worry tomorrow. We must satisfy with what we have today, enjoying what we have now. Do not be greedy to get more and more. So, treasure today.