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Mar 21 2017

Justice Theory

In our life, we must be fair to everybody in spite of the fact that many people are not fair. A lot of people argue with each other and even lead violence. It is because they are not fair to each other.
Even though many people may not be fair to us, we must be fair to them. It is sometime that you may suffer some loss. But, if you want to be a man of success, you must have a broad mind to accept a loss should it comes against your wish.
But, still, if we are prepared to take some unfair loss, we must have power to protect our heart. A little scratch to our hand or leg from other is not important, but our heart shall never be hurt by anybody. As once our heart is hurt, it can never be remedied.
We cannot live alone in the forest. We have to live with people together. Once we mix with people, there is chance to be hurt in our daily life. Therefore we must have wisdom to make a balance with people we associate. We shall not hurt any people, and on the other hand, we shall protect ourselves at any cost.
We are living our life in reality under the protection of law which is fair in every respect. We must obey the law, away from violence, to live peacefully with anyone in the society.
Therefore, we must hold a conception of justice toward every one. Never, never offend the law which is to protect us under any circumstance of our life.