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Mar 22 2017

Forget Your Help

In this society most people easily forget what you have helped them whether such help is by your own or by request. It is quite normal in the human world. The only thing you will feel uncomfortable is that when you need some help from those people whom you helped before, but they refused to help you by one reason or the other. You will feel very much disappointed.
Therefore, before we help, we must not have such idea that someday they will help us back in case we need. To help is just like the wind which once gone is gone forever.
For a small example, you may help some poor student to go abroad to further his education. May be a big amount of money involved. But, this student never writes you a letter of thanks or send you a card on your birthday. He just forgets your help.
Such is a general situation in this world. Therefore, many people become selfish and do not like to help other people.
But, if you want to help, you must think to help is a kind of enjoyment and show that you are a man of power.
However you have freedom to help or not to help. It is entirely depending on your philosophy, and on the other hand, it is also depending on your financial power. Bible says “to give is better than to receive”. To help is a virtue which you will feel happy once you have done something to help others.