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Mar 23 2017

Everything Balanced

In our life, we have to make a balance against human relationship, against things in daily life, against our own life.
To make a balance with human is not easy. If we fail to make a good balance with human, we will be isolated from society. We have to learn with our wisdom.
To make a balanced relationship with friend needs a deep knowledge. If we are too close with friend, we may have trouble with each other, but if we are too distant from friends, we cannot build our friendship. Therefore, we have to keep a good friendship, and on the other hand, we shall have no argument whatsoever.
Even so close as husband and wife, we also need a good precaution to each other. If not handled well, there will be argument between husband and wife and even come to separation. You have to learn how to live smoothly between husband and wife.
As how to balance things in your daily life, you need first, to control your time. If you know how to handle your time, you can, then, deal with things which come to you every day.
The first to balance your personal life is to watch your health. Why, nowadays many people suffer cancer illness, it is because they do not balance their life well. They smoke and drink alcohol without control and spend their time on night life too much. Therefore cancer falls upon them. It is the first important thing to balance your life on health without which your whole life will be destroyed.