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Mar 24 2017

Character Cannot Be Changed

Scenery can change, but character never. Scenery means habit, character refers our action in daily life. Habit can be changed slowly, but, character is inherited from the day of birth which will be kept in whole life unit we die.
Even animals have different character from birth, cat liking to catch rats, dog chewing bones, panda eating bamboo, ox eating grasses, tiger and lion only meats. Such are the rules of their life and will never change.
When we were born, our appearance will also decide our character. If we are strong and stubborn, we will be going to the work of heavy labour. But, if we were born weak we may go to more education, and spend life in the field of knowledge.
Some body is greedy, and some satisfied with what they have, some speaking rudely, easy to hurt people, some lazy, never be able to work positively. All such are formed by characters which are impossible to change.
That is why we need law. If people have character to hurt other people, law will put him on prison and punish him. He shall be imprisoned and no more freedom to hurt the member of society.
We are human in this world, but we are just like ants, so tiny that we can do nothing. But, we have a character. As long as we do not offend the law, we have right to keep our character which cannot be changed whether it is good or bad. Then we had better to enjoy our character since the life which, in appearance is long, but actually is short. Why don’t we enjoy our life as long as we have breath.