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Mar 25 2017

Beauty And the Beast

This is a movie, now showing in many theaters. It is a movie which is acceptable to all ages for relaxation. The story tells a love between a beautiful girl and a beast looking man which attracts many audiences to see. This movie is based on a novel, the author of which might get the inspiration form a true story which happened twenty years age.
It was that twenty years ago at a certain town in Europe. A couple of lover appeared in the street coffee shop, enjoying their coffee relaxingly. The ages of the couple were around twenty. The girl was a beautiful white girl, but the boy was like an ape, an ape face and his body with ape skin. But, he was a man, in manner, in conversation, in knowledge, just as same as we are. Their appearance rouse interest form reporters and picture of them were published in newspaper, thus known to all over the world. Strangely, the girl did not like normal white boys, but love this ape looking boy. Reporters asked her reasons. She said that the ape-looking boy was as same as any white boy, but he has a good heart, willing to help others, not selfish and also with many good virtues as we normal human had. There was nothing strange for me to have love with him.
From here we can see that if we have deep communication with anybody, we can surely build a close relation with the person we asocial whether this person is male or female. If you are a young man in love, show your sincerity with open heart. By the time going on, you will surely win her heart of love.