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Mar 26 2017

Keep Personal Secret

We all know that government secret cannot be revealed to public, so does our personal affair. It is important that we should keep our home secret not to disclose to anybody who is not a member of our home. Every home has a story of its own, and it is foolish to tell our home secrets to outsiders.
Some families may have quarrels among its own members who, in order to express her own sentiments, tells home argument to her good friend whom she thinks trustworthy, but instead, her friend reveals everything to outsiders. It is not a wise way to let others know our home affairs whether it is good or not.
If you are a famous person, your personal affair may appear in the newspaper which will describe your personal life by adding some untrue comment in order to attract more readers to read.
We are human and it is proper to keep our own affairs in privacy. As long as we do not offend law and do not hurt other people, it is our right to keep our privacy. We have the right to enjoy our privacy. But, nowadays some small newspapers are trying very hard to dig the personal story of famous people so that those newspapers can make more money by telling untrue stories.
Therefore, when we have argument among our own family members, we shall never tell anything to outsiders. We may commit mistakes, but such mistakes should remain in our home tea cups as our own enjoyment.