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Mar 27 2017

Who Steals My Heart

If someone can steal our heart, we shall be a happy person. It is because we have someone to take care, to love. The most poorest person is the one who has no one to love and also no one loves him.
Some woman loves dogs very much because she has no one to love and also no one to love her. She, then, turns herself to love dog who, in turn, also loves her with full heart. Dog can make her happy and win her heart.
In the story of “A Tale of Two Cities”, a young lawyer in London, in one party, met a wife of a French nobleman. During revolution, the noble man was caught and sent to prison. The lawyer told the wife of the French noble man that he would risk his life to save her husband. Why he wanted to do so because he had one side love toward the nobleman’s wife who steals his heart.
For us, ordinary people, it is better to have someone who can steal our heart. If it is so, we shall have someone to take care, to worry, to love. Our life will then be much full and happy.
That is why we need a family who will win our heart to love, to take responsibility on any problem which family may encounter. On the other hand, we also will be cared by the members of our family. Our happiness will then be built on the equal care and love which is necessary to enjoy our daily life. But, dogs are different. If you give food to the dog, it will think you are the master and love you full heatedly.