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Mar 28 2017

Where Shall I Go

Everybody, in every age, will think “Where shall I go”. To say it simply, it is because that everybody has a different goal in their different age. To say it more simply, to reach our goal is to catch important key point in our coming life.
In our childhood, parent will supervise us to study. When we go to a young age and join the society, we shall start to work and make foundation of our future success. At middle age, our responsibility is to take care of our family and strengthen our career. For old age, it is important to take care of their health. Those are the things and goals at different age which we are to face.
“Where shall I go” means where are the key point of our life now and the coming life. We must think carefully and deeply. We need a profound plan which will bring us a beautiful and happy life, failing which we shall float our life in the boundless sea going nowhere aimlessly.
In life, you are the master to plan your own future. No one will care and plan your future to which you must clearly understand.
“Where shall I go” is so important to the young people who, like a piece of white paper are pure and clean. If they find a right way to go, their whole life will be comfortable and happy, but if they select a wrong way, their whole life will suffer in one way or the other. We have life only once, and it must be very cautious to select our goal as best as we can.