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Mar 29 2017

Books Similar To Ocean

In ancient time in Europe, all the royal families and also noblemen and rich people, they all had big libraries at home with thousands of books in their book shelters which were to show that they were learned persons. But, actually they were busy in hunting, dancing, drinking, paying no attention to reading absolutely. Library was only their decoration.
But, in ancient China, government people were all learned persons. Only people with good knowledge from books could have high position in the government.
That is why to get knowledge from books has been the Chinese philosophy. There is one slang: “Read, read, you will find gold from books. Read, read, you will have beautiful girls form books.”
To make simple, it is surely benefit to you if you read more books. In ancient time, to be an officer in the government, you must read many good books, contents of which would be tested in the examination.
Today we have text books in the primary school as a basic education. We learn our knowledge from those books which are to be used in our whole life.
However, we should read more books, after graduation from school, by ourselves. Since there are so many books which are like ocean in this world, we should have wisdom to select what kind of books we should read.
The most useful books for us to read are the history books. History will teach us things of past and by the history we can learn how to guide our life in the future.
Young people, like a piece of white paper, are pure and clean. If they find a right way to go, their whole life will be comfortable and happy, but if they select a wrong way, their whole life will suffer in one way or the other. We have life only once, and it must be very cautious to select our goal as best as we can.