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Mar 30 2017

Afraid Is Wisdom

Some body has a character of not afraid to do anything. That means he does anything without a deep consideration beforehand. Such a person is dangerous. He will have more failure than success.
We must build our character of “to be afraid” against anybody, anything, even ourselves. If we are afraid, we will be careful to handle things which fall upon us. Afraid is not a weakness. It is a carefulness which helps us to sail our life boat safely forever.
But, “afraid” is only a tactic. When we meet something important, we are not afraid to do it. In such case, we shall use more forceful words to handle things, “we do not fear”.
For example, it we want to cross a mountain, but in this mountain, there are tigers. Of course, we will not go into the mountain to face the danger of being eaten by the tigers. But, we do not fear. We can ask people to help us, with weapons and other noisy instrument to scare the tiger. We are now safe to cross the mountain.
“Afraid” is only the word to remind us that in everything we must think before we do. English proverb says: “Look before you jump.”
Therefore, in your life, you must keep a heart of “afraid”, but you must not “fear”. You will think carefully toward everything. Once you have decided and planed, you shall have a philosophy “do not fear” but going forward until completion.