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Mar 31 2017

Success Needs Patience

Everybody wishes to be successful, but success is difficult to get. You have to pay a great effort and hard work to achieve it, and besides, you need patience and persistence. Especially, when you reach success nearer, you will meet more difficulties than ever. In such case, you require much patience and persistence to reach final goal of success.
Patience means persistence which is essential in our journey of life. Without patience and persistence we cannot achieve anything in our life. Patience is the virtue of our life. That is why all great people have possessed the virtue of patience and persistence.
Few hundred years ago in Japan, there was a general. His name was Tokugawa Leyasu who was a small war lord in one part of Japan. At that time Japan was divided into small countries. As long as you had armed forces, you could occupy the place as your own. In order to survive, Tokugawa was under a big war lord to whom he obeyed for almost forty years. Finally, Tokugawa became a big war lord and united Japan as one country. Tokugawa was a pioneer of patience.
We do not like dark night but we have to be patient to pass the night. We do not like winter, but we have to be patient to pass the winter.
In our life, we have to be patient in everything. Only by this way, we can live a comfortable and beautiful life, otherwise we shall be unhappy every day.