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Apr 1 2017

Avoid Talking About Ghost

Few thousand years ago, our Chinese saint, Confucius said: “Do not talk ghost, but only discusses about the life of ordinary people.” He meant that ghost is unreal, but life of people is real. This philosophy is very realistic.
For many many centuries in the past, writers have been wrinting about ghost, and plus monk’s promotion, we ordinary people, begin to have a deep impression in our mind that there is indeed ghost exist in this world.
What the writers wrote about ghost is from their imagination, not from what they have seen. But, since they wrote about it again and again, we begin to believe the existence of ghost.
But, if we think coldly and calmly, there should be no ghost. No one has seen the ghost which is only an imagination from our heart. Actually, after we have died, our body become a material.
Since it is a fact that there is no ghost and no future life after we have died. We, therefore, should appreciate our life now which is today. Only today can bring us happy life and solid life. Tomorrow is unknown. No one knows what will happen tomorrow.
As long as we have breath, we have life which should be taken care very seriously. We can only enjoy our life when we have breath. Seize this very moment and only by this moment, we can enjoy happiness, never letting it to slip away.