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Apr 2 2017

A Little Idea About Shakespeare (1)

Shakespeare is a great writer in English history. His play writings are known to the world. English people admire him very much. Some teachers are studying Shakespeare very deeply in order to teach in their class.
To English people, if he is educated, to read Shakespeare is, of course, no problem, but to the people of less education, it is difficult to read Shakespeare.
Shakespeare was born four hundred years ago, in the reign of Elizabeth Queen. Old English was used at that time. But, it is not entirely so. We can see that at that time there was war between England and Spain. When Spanish fleet approached English coast, the Queen came to the front and made a famous speech to encourage his soldiers to fight. At that speech English was not much difficult as compared with today’s English.
However, when English came to the hands of Shakespeare English became difficult. The words he used and the way he wrote could only fit for high-class society to read, not for ordinary people.
It is, of course, difficult for our Chinese to read Shakespeare. Unless we are the university students, studying the course of foreign language, Shakespeare will appear before us. But, for most Chinese, we only know few famous sentences from Shakespeare, to show that we also know Shakespeare. It is true that the words of Shakespeare are difficult and those words are seldom used in our daily life. It may waste our time to learn those words.
But, it is still good to read Shakespeare for our English knowledge or for our pleasure as well. We may have some comment on Shakespeare from our Chinese point of view.