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Apr 3 2017

To Be Rich, Care No Others Affairs

It is true that if you want to be rich, you must not care about others affairs. If you only care about yourself, your chance to be rich is much higher.
It is because to be rich, you need time. But, to care about others, your time will be used by other people, thus reducing your opportunity to be successful.
Many universities in America, in front of door, there scribed words which were said by the American founder Franklin. He said; “Time is the stuff of our life. We should not squander our time.”
On the other hand, to interfere with other people’s affairs may bring us disaster. An example which happened few decades ago. It should be a clear warning to us not to touch others affairs. Many years ago, a Hong Kong tour group went to Singapore for sight-seeing. But, one member of the tour group was found by the custom officer that he carried drug, and thus he was detained. As custom officer only spoke English and this suspected drug carrier could not speak English. They could not communicate. At this time, in the tour group there was a young girl who volunteer offered to be a translator. The consequence was that custom officer suspected the girl also to be a member of the drug carrier, and she was detained. She was in the prison for three years before she was released. It was a true story to educate us not to touch other affairs.
If we want to live a peaceful life forever, we should only take care of our own affairs. To interfere with others affairs will not only bring us troubles but also possible disasters.