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Apr 4 2017

Wife, Not Necessary Beautiful

All young men wish to have a beautiful wife. It is a human nature, normal in every way. But, in the reality of life, a beautiful wife may cause you more problems. Problems do not come from your wife, but from outsiders because of the beauty of your wife.
A short story in the Bible of Old Testament said that a Jewish person planned to immigrate from his city to another new city for better life together with his wife. But, as his wife was too beautiful, he was afraid that he could not protect his wife in a new place where he knew nothing. In order to protect himself and his wife, they disguised as brother and sister on their way to new life. This is the Jew’s wisdom.
In China at ancient time, there were four famous beautiful girls, Yang Yuhuan, Diaochan, Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun. They enjoyed their luxurious life by their beauty, but all died young by unnatural death.
Of course, we cannot say that to marry beautiful girls is not good, but based on past record, separation of beautiful girls on marriage is in high percentage than ordinary girls.
Beautiful girls are fit to be in jobs like movie, television, singing, modeling and so on. Most of them do not like to be an ordinary wife, working in the kitchen every day all year long. They prefer a life of glory and comfort.
Therefore, it may be a blessing to you if your wife is not very beautiful. An ordinary wife will make home more stable and away from outside intruders. Peace will exist all the time at your home.