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Apr 5 2017

Before Argument, Walk Away

Chinese has a very famous proverb: “Of thirty six tactics, runaway from trouble is the best tactic.” In our life, we have many opportunities to use this tactic. When we meet someone with whom we cannot talk agreeably, it is better to leave him as quickly as possible.
Especially for most young men when he has argument with some persons, it is better to leave the spot before the argument gets hot. If argument continues, it may lead to a fight and the consequence is that he may be hurt or he may hurt others. Either way is not good to him. If he is hurted, he will lie in hospital and if he hurt others, he may end up in prison. Why not you take a “runaway” tactic and go home to sleep, safe in every way. Whether a person of foolish or wisdom depends on the decision of this moment.
Weak animals which eat grass are the expert of “runaway” tactics. They are twenty four hours on alert to be beware of wild animals. They will escape with very high speed in case that meat-eaten animals are coming near. “Runaway” tactic is the basic rule to protect their life.
If you are in love and find that you do not feel agreeably with your present lover, it is better to leave early. So that much trouble can be saved. If you keep your love relationship too long and one day you want to stop it, you may have trouble or even disaster.
In our life, we have to keep relationship with people, but, also, we will have troubles from them. If it is so, better to go away from them in protection of yourself.