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Apr 6 2017

Every Day is A New Day

Every day we should live as a new day, we can look forward and memorize our past. Though past is gone, yet we can apply our past experience to our future life, to avoid the past mistakes. We will not repeat same mistakes which we committed in the past.
As long as we have a new day, we can plan many new things for today and future, leading our life to be more bright, and more happiness in our heart. Nobody will give us happiness, which we have to seek by ourselves.
Life belongs to ourselves. Only we, ourself, can make decision on what we should do and what we should not do. Of course, we have to bear consequence for what we have done whether it is good or bad. Therefore, we should think carefully before we do anything. We should do more things useful and avoid doing things which is useless.
In the new day, what is more important is to learn new things. Only by learning, we can have progress, to create our energy ad motivation, to fulfill our life better.
Success has no definite definition. As long as we keep ourselves in progress, we are people of success forever. Progress should be our goal in life.
We must treasure today, treasure this very moment. Do what we should do and do not do what we should not do, working hard, enjoy hard, not to waste a day to be regretting afterwards.
In a new day, we must catch the important points, failing to distinguish it clearly that you will not be a successful person.