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Apr 7 2017

Old Men, Never Angry

In the reality of our life, in movie, in television, in books, we always see that old people died in stroke because of sudden anger. Why? It is because their blood runs too fast by their anger and then cracks their blood vessel.
Nowadays, many people are taking medicines to lower blood pressure. Those medicines can make your blood vessels soften, thus preventing the crack of blood vessel. Such medicine is now very popular in the market.
The anger of old people is mostly caused by family members, especially from children. Most parents love their sons very deeply, even the son is adult already. But, the son does not accept the love from parent, and instead, they do things to arouse their parent.
To avoid such anger from happening, it is better for the old man to live alone in a separate place to keep distance from family members. By the system of distance, people will be more polite to each other, thus chance of anger much reduced.
But, there are difficulties to live separately. First, finance is a problem. Majority of family will be difficult to support an old man to live separately due to finance difficulty. Second, old man cannot take care of himself in his daily life. Third, the old man does not like to leave family members due to his sentimental relations with family.
If you have to live with family, you must be prepared psychologically that you must not care too much on your family members. Their problems are theirs and you do not need to settle for them. You can only live to take care of yourselves and it is the only way for you to live a longer life.