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Apr 8 2017

Love Can Only Go Forward

When young couple in love, they always quarrel, almost frequently, and finally they separate, never together again. It is proper if they are only in friendship, not officially married.
But, once they are married, through solemn ceremony, under protection of law, they should live together in harmony. If they still quarrel and quarrel, it is not good to their family life. Finally, such continuous quarrel will come to separation of their marriage.
Nowadays, ratios of divorce in big cities are quite high, ranging from forty five to fifty percent, mostly from young couple, under thirty of age in average.
From reality point of view, if couples are quarreling with each other all the time, it may be better to separate, freeing themselves to let them go their life in their own way.
If the couple has child, the one which is going to suffer is child. In usually case, child will be taken care by mother, and at the time when the father brings a suitcase to leave home, child will ask: “Papa, where you will go.”
For certain couples, after divorce of several years, they still live singly each other. In such case, some couples will come to be re-united. But, according to record, nine out of ten re-united couples will still separate again within one year.
It is because that love can only go forward. It can never turn back. So, when you have a family, you must tolerate, respect each other to keep family in a peaceful atmosphere. Never divorce.