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Apr 10 2017

God Help You Queue Again

The average survival age of Chinese people is now around eighty. Near eighty, you have to queue for going into grave, but some people, by God’s grace, were picked up by God from the queue and were put behind the queue again. That means he can live another ten years or more.
From the reality point of view, this is of course, the result of the person’s exceedingly care of his health in his past life which means that he does not touch any kind of alcohol or smoking or any bad things which affects his health. To be long life, you need sufficient sleep, balanced food, adequate exercise, peaceful and broad mind, stable finance, no worrying of living in his old days. If you possess such conditions, your life will surely be prolonged.
Long life is good, but you have to be healthy, to take care of yourself, by yourself. Then you will live very happily and comfortably. If you have to depend your living on other people, that will be painful in many ways.
From seventy to eighty, it is an age for most people to be able to take care by themselves. But, over eighty, you may need other’s help if your healthy condition is weak. Of course, over ninety, you have to ask people to take care of you, otherwise you will live your life in danger daily.
Therefore, no matter how old you are, you have to possess a good health, without which your life is in danger every moment. God will not help you to be queue again if you are too weak.