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Apr 11 2017

Gamble Makes You Broke

All people know that if you addict to gamble, your life will be destroyed. It is true in every respect. You shall never touch gamble if you wish to live a life peacefully.
In Las Vegas, America, and in Macau, China, many beautiful buildings which are all casinos are everywhere in the city. Where the money comes from? It is from the pockets of gamblers.
But, casinos do not cheat you. They gamble with you fairly. What they gain is from commission on your each game. They get at least five percent or ten percent on your each play.
If you play long, surely you will lose all your money, no matter how rich you are. The more you play, the more you lose.
Many many decades ago, there was in Hong Kong a famous actor who was very successful in his career and became very rich. He owned many properties as well as a film factory. One day, he went to Macau to gamble, and starting from that time, he stayed in the casino, gambling day and night. Finally, he sold all his properties and lost all the money in the gambling table.
Such things happen every where every day. Many people destroy themselves by addicting to gamble. Therefore you must not gamble, away from which will protect your life safely all your life. Be sober and keep your money in your packet safely. Never go to casino where is the place to destroy you. You must earn your money by your own labour, not hoping to win other’s money without working.