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Apr 12 2017

Keep Your Duty

In our life, our duty is to fulfill our duty. Do what we are asked to do, to complete anything on what we have been authorized.
As far as duty is concerned, only old people and children can be away from duty. For all the adults, duty is a solemn thing on their shoulders. They have to fulfill their duty at any cost. On small affairs, duty may not be serious, but on big events, duty will involve human lives.
For example, a street cleaner cleans streets every day, and occasionally he may neglect to clean one part of street. This is not a serious negligence on duty. But, if you are an engineer to check plane engines or any part of the plane before flying, your responsibility is so heavy that if you overlook to find out the fatal part of the plane, which may cause accident in the air due to your negligence? This is so serious to cause losses of few hundred human lives.
Driving after drinking is also a serious offense which will cause people to be wounded or dead. You shall never do that. Therefore, we should be very careful to handle our life to protect our self and not to hurt other people. Take it seriously about our duty which we are assigned to do.
The successful people are those who fulfill their duties completely and win confidence from other people, but those who fail in their life are not the responsible persons.