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Apr 13 2017

Everybody Busy for Himself

Our life is independent and we have the right to do what we like to do as long as we are in the frame of the law. That means we can use our twenty four hours freely according to our choices. Only few people who do not know to whom they are busy for. But, most of us are busy for ourselves.
We have to be careful in our direction. Good direction will lead to better life, but wrong direction will bring us troubles which we must not ignore.
In the period of 1930’s, one Chinese famous writer Lin Yutang, invited by American writer Pearl S. Buck, went to America, and from that time onwards, he lived in the America. As he was excellent in English, he started to write novel about Chinese society and literature in English language. His novels were very much welcomed by American readers. He became rich. But, at that time he started another career. That is to study a new invention of Chinese character typewriting. He invested so much money that his wealth was almost exhausted. Finally, his debt to other people was so heavy that he was forced to stop his invention.
From here, we can see that before we do anything we must be very careful in selecting a direction. A wrong direction will not only cause us to waste time, but also make us fail in our finance. Once we make a mistake, if it is serious, we will be difficult to remedy since time waits for no man. Even we want to try again, but time is gone. We are not young anymore.