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Apr 14 2017

Thinking Before Action

We are human and we have thoughts. Thoughts lead us to do good things or also bring us to act evil things. Whether we do good things or evil things, we must have a thinking beforehand. By thinking, someone does good deeds and also by thinking someone does bad things.
Thinking is a choice made by individuals. It is not that educated people are good, uneducated bad. But, in general cause, educated people commit less criminal events and uneducated commit more. It may be due to the reason that educated ones have more income which makes them not necessary to earn money illegally, but those who are not well educated need more money to support their life by committing illegal action.
We have fundamental thinking that we shall never offend the law, never kill, never cheat. As long as we work hard, and live legally, our whole life can be passed safely and peacefully.
Thinking belongs to us very privately and we can have whichever thinking we like. Of course, we must have a basic thinking not to hurt other people.
Therefore, to read more books is essential. Only from books we can learn profound knowledge to deal with problems which fall upon us daily. We shall, then, distinguish what we should do and what not.
We are adults who have a character to keep our ideas unchanged even our idea are stubborn. But, by book’s knowledge we may change our foolish idea into a decent idea.