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Apr 15 2017

You Are The Cheater

If somebody told you that he was cheated. It is not important to listen to his story of being cheated, but, instead you should study the person’s character who was cheated. He must possess a character of taking advantage from others. It is his weakness that cheaters can come into his life to make a cheating on him.
In our life, we have many chances to be cheated. But, as long as we do not take advantage from others, nobody can cheat us.
Nowadays, cheating becomes a business which is not carried out by one man, but by a g group of persons, making us difficult to discover. Therefore we have to be careful to make friends who may be a cheater to hurt us.
You need wisdom to protect yourself, to face any kind of people, to deal with anything which comes to you. You must know how to protect your wealth. Do not trust people so easily. Do not lend money to other people who, in most cases, will not return money to you. At the same time, you also lose a friend. Live your life in simple way which is the essential to avoid cheating by others.
To conclude, if you can build a character of not to take advantage, you are sure that cheater will not come near you. This is the principle you must hold.
Tell your children that outside world is so complicated and that you have to keep a character of not being greedy in order to live peacefully all your life. If you are greedy, you are a cheater already, and as a result, you will be the person to suffer losses finally.