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Apr 16 2017

We Were Born Selfish

We all deny that we are not selfish, but actually everybody is selfish. It is normal to be selfish as long as you do not harm other people. Selfish to protect ourself is our right.
Every country always declares that we do this in order to protect the core benefit of our country. Therefore, it is right to be selfish to protect ourself.
However, many people, for benefit of their own, are selfish to hurt other people. It is the real selfish. We live our life amicably with each other in the society which is based on fairness. Argument will happen if fairness is not applied. Law is the basic to maintain fairness. Court is the place to enforce law.
Actually, selfish is performed in many ways in our daily life. We are human whose character likes to compare with each other. If someone’s performance is better than us, we will not be happy and wish to overpass him. If we cannot pass him, we may say something bad about him. That is very clearly to show ourself of selfishness in a bad way. But, to be selfish is also to harm ourself. Our heart will not be peaceful and indirectly it hurts our health.
Many people who wish to take advantage from others in everything are the obvious ones of selfishness. Those are not successful people. They get less friends to help them in case of need because they are selfish. We should be a person to deal with things fairly with each other to guard our position firmly.