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Apr 17 2017

To Find Happiness By Yourself

Everybody wishes to be happy, but you cannot enjoy happiness by yourself alone. You have to find a person to share your happiness or to do something which can give you happiness.
First, we have to build a thinking of happiness in our heart by which we can then go into action. We shall be happy if we have a dinner with friend to whom we can talk whatever we like.
But, we can also have happiness by ourselves alone. It is to keep a peaceful mind all the time. We shall enjoy happiness by a mind of peace.
We are an individual person and we cannot depend others to give us happiness. We have to seek happiness by our own. As long as we have a peaceful mind, we shall be happy every minute. We enjoy our happiness alone and do not have to share with others.
We can memorize beautiful things in the past and we can also look forward to our bright future. We can imagine flying to the blue sky or swimming to the bottom of the sea sixty thousand miles below. Happiness is in our mind, we do not need others to help us.
Many people are not happy, saying that they are lonely. It is true in some respect, but, considering the reality that a huge number of people in this world are lonely. You have to settle it by yourself, and nobody can help you.